Important Announcements On the Print Edition, 2016 Fundraising Drive, and Good News for Contributors

The Second Print Edition: It’s Coming, We Promise!

Some of you are no doubt wondering what’s happening with the second print edition of Screaming Violets that we so confidently announced would be appearing in December of last year.

Just to dispel all doubt at the outset, there will be a second print edition of Screaming Violets (and a bloody good one if we do say so ourselves). The – admittedly rather epic – delay in its appearance is primarily due to two things:

  1. Inkscape. We ‘inherited’ this software from the first print edition, only to discover that not only
    Inkscpe - y u so shit?
    ‘Inkscape – y u so shit’ This, this and a thousand times THIS!

    is Inkscape not made for desktop publishing; it’s utterly useless as the vector drawing software it purports to be. If you are looking for a piece of software to lay out a publication you are working on, and are considering Inkscape, don’t. The only advantage of Inkscape is that you don’t even need to download software in order to get the free demonstration: You just have to hand a cricket bat to one of your mates and ask them to hit you over the head repeatedly until you pass out, and then kick you in the nose when you come to. Inkscape made what should have been a fairly straightforward matter of pasting text into a layout template and formatting it appropriately and turned it into an interminable ordeal, slowing our progress at every turn.

  1. Printing costs. By the time we at last managed to coax Inkscape into creating a layout that was ready to go to print, we discovered that every printer we contacted, including the one we used for our first edition, was priced well outside of our budget.

This has required some rethinking on our part, and we feel justified in calling the result of that rethink ‘good news’.

Announcing Our New Format

 Paradoxical though it may seem, the solution to our printing costs problem is to upgrade the format. Instead of the A3 broadsheet you’ll remember from our first edition, our articles will be contained in a proper, high-quality paperback book. We’ll also be bringing out a larger-format publication like the first edition to bring you artwork, posters, and graphics.

Given that we are, as you no doubt already realised, an irregularly appearing publication, we’ve decided that our readers should get more reading material at a time, and in a durable, quality format, in order to tide them over between editions. Plus, unlike newsprint, which can fall apart in a stiff breeze, the new paperback book format will be there for you to peruse at leisure if you should ever want to come back to it in a few years’ time.

We’re still working out the exact details of our new format, choosing printers, cover design, etc., and so we’ll have to ask for just a bit more of your patience, but we’re confident that it will be worth the wait.

Also in the good news department…

Attention All Writers

 One of the most dispiriting things about being a writer these days is that everyone expects you to do it for free, particularly if you’re a ‘movement’ writer. The Huffington Post sold for US$400 million, and Arianna Huffington laughed openly at the idea that the people who created all that content should see any of that money. Everyone wants you to work for ‘exposure’, and, as anyone who’s worked for ‘exposure’ knows, it’s called that because exposure is what you die of after trying to get your landlord to accept the rent in ‘exposure’. If exposure were such a great payday, the NSA would have given Ed Snowden a medal. The result is that writers with well-paid day jobs and substantial free time are overrepresented across the board, because, when you’re working for free, you have to be getting paid someplace else.

Here at Screaming Violets, we want to start doing our bit to reverse this trend, and so we’re proud to announce that we’re going to start paying our contributors. Initially, our budget won’t run to much (we’re considering £20 and a free copy of the issue your work appears in for starters), but, with this announcement, we’re also kicking off our 2016 fundraising drive in order to cover the costs involved in setting up our new format and to generate enough of a budget to pay our writers and contributors more than a token. Creative and intellectual work is work, and the workers who do it deserve to get paid just as much as any other workers doing any other kind of work.

 In the spirit of the Wages for Housework campaign, we believe that women should be paid for every bit of labour that we carry out; at the end of the day, working-class women do not have the time to do any more unpaid labour. If we can give working-class women a supportive outlet for their writing, where they can develop their ideas around oppression and what to do about it, then all of the graft that has gone into this project so far will be well worth it.

Screaming Violets 2016 Fundraising Drive

To create this new format, get it out to our readers, and build a budget that allows us to pay our contributors, we’re going to need your help. To do all that, ideally, we’ll need as much as our readers and supporters can give, but we’d like to raise at least £2000 to start out. You can donate via Paypal, in cash, or via bank transfer.

Every little bit helps. Even the small donations count. For example, Katherine Notman’s recent article, Dyspraxia and Femininity, was viewed over 500 times in the first day. If everyone who viewed that article sent us just one pound, we’d be 25 % of the way to reaching our initial fundraising goal. If anyone should feel moved to donate more than that, they are of course welcome to do so. Every penny you donate goes to making Screaming Violets the best magazine it can be, and helps us pay our writers and contributors what they deserve.

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  1. Hello – I don’t know if you’re still on the hunt for a reasonably good, yet free (both as in speech and as in food) DTP package, have you checked out Scribus?

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