Guardian cashes in on “lazy headline”

Daily newspaper The Guardian was severely criticised this weekend for front-paging its’ Saturday edition with the words “Cameron plays female card”.

The paper was capitalising on the alleged Cabinet reshuffle where the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions position will be changing hands from ideologue Iain Duncan Smith to die-hard Tory hack Esther McVey.

Feminists were not alone when taking to social media platform Twitter to express their dislike for the sexist headline.

A user under the name of Weary Feminist wrote: “What the fuck is a ‘female card?’ Is this a joke?”

Whilst self-proclaimed “feminist, lefty” Roz S-P said: “Oh @guardian “Cameron plays “female” card”? REALLY? Do we beat a straight flush or this more a cards against humanity kind of thing? Idiots.”

Others labelled the splash a “dreadful phrase” and a “lazy headline.”

The Guardian has not yet made a comment.

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