Migrant Rights Bloc for Saturday’s People’s Assembly demo

When: Saturday 16th July, 12pm-5pm

Where: BBC Broadcasting House, W1A 1AA

Defend Migrant Rights – Fight Racism: in the streets, in our communities, in our workplaces

Migrant organisations, antifascists, socialists and others will be joining forces to form a migrant rights bloc on the national demonstration called by the People’s Assembly and Stand Up To Racism this Saturday.

The EU referendum campaign has highlighted deep wells of racism in British society, stoked up by successive governments, politicians and media commentators. Sometimes this takes the form of naked violence and bigotry against migrants. More often it appears as a casual assumption that the country is “too full” and that immigrants are somehow to blame for cuts to our public services.

We need to organise to meet this challenge and head off these divide and rule tactics. We need to develop a radical, grassroots anti-racism based on the common experience of migrant workers and the common interests of the whole working class. We need to break the hold of anti-migrant “common sense” ideas and break with liberal paternalistic approaches to anti-racism. Join the bloc on Saturday and help us build this radical anti-racist alternative.

Co-called by London antifascists, Jewdas, Brick Lane debates, rs21, antiuniversity and movement for justice

Event page for the demo: https://www.facebook.com/events/997373007038180/

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