Movement For Justice By Any Means Necessary! Yarl’s Wood Demo – 3rd Dec

Thousands to demonstrate at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre – People reject the immigrant bashing of Brexit in biggest ever demonstration at a UK detention centre

Time to Shut Down Yarl’s Wood and End immigration detention once and for all

(1pm, on 03/12/16 at Yarl’s Wood Immigration detention centre, Twinwoods Business Park, Thurleigh Road, Milton Ernest, Bedford MK44 1FD)

The system of immigration detention and Yarl’s Wood has been discredited by report after report, inquiry after inquiry, and one media expose after another:

  • In March 2015 Channel 4 News showed a series of undercover reports exposing the levels of abuse and racism in Yarl’s Wood and Harmondsworth detention centres;
  • In the same month, the Parliamentary Inquiry into Immigration Detention published its report that called for a 28-day time limit and judicial oversight of the use of immigration detention;
  • In April 2015 an unannounced inspection found that Yarl’s Wood “Is rightly a place of national concern;”
  • The Shaw report published in January 2016 made 60 recommendations at the heart of which was the view that use of detention should be drastically reduced. It exposed the extreme vulnerability of many of those detained including victims of sexual assault and gendered violence, pregnant women, victims of torture, the elderly, disabled and those with mental health difficulties.

Since then we have witnessed the Brexit phenomenon that saw leave campaigners place immigration at the centre of their campaign, spewing anti-immigrant and xenophobic rhetoric. The result has been massively increased racist and xenophobic physical assaults and verbal attacks, including the assassination of Labour MP Jo Cox and the racist murder of a Polish migrant worker in Essex.

On 3rd December 2016 at Yarl’s Wood up to 2000 people from around the country will resoundingly reject the racism and immigrant bashing of Brexit and demand that the system of immigration detention is ended. Yarl’s Wood has become emblematic in the fight to end immigration detention. As the UK’s only detention centre specifically for women it has been the subject of major exposes of racism, sexual abuse and rape. Many of the women detained are victims of gendered violence, trafficking, FGM, forced marriage, Sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence etc. many have mental health difficulties, many have children on the outside. There has been more than enough evidence for why Yarl’s Wood should be shut down, and on Sat. 3rd December the growing movement against immigration detention will make that demand loud and clear.

This is the tenth demonstration at Yarl’s Wood organised by Movement for Justice and supported by numerous other organisations. Previous demonstrations have seen the outer perimeter fence breached as demonstrators pushed forward to get closer to the women who joined the demonstration from inside, waving handmade signs and flags from their windows. Once again, Saturday’s demonstration will be led by ex-detainees & asylum seekers joining with their friends still imprisoned in Yarl’s Wood. The women will take part from inside the centre with handmade signs and chanting.

Over 22 coaches from around the country (Birmingham, Nottingham, Coventry, Liverpool, Bristol, York, Bath, London, Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds and more), close to 2000 people will descend on Yarl’s Wood to join with the women inside in a collective action to demand freedom.

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LEEDS (being organised by Leeds No Borders):…

SWANSEA/CARDIFF/BRIDGEND: Facebook group to organise transport here –




BEDFORD TRAIN STATION: There will be a coach at Bedford Train station at 12.15pm – it will fill up and if needed do a second trip, donate on the day (suggested min for those that can – £5)

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